SIA MonaOK security policy

Purpose of the Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide information about the purpose, scope, protection and timing of the processing of personal data.

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable individual or MonaOk customer, such as name, social security number, residential or shipping address, personal phone number, personal email, occupation, services received, billing information, information for telephone, electronic communications and other information related to the Customer of the retail store chain "MonaOkgroup".

Scope of application

The Privacy Policy is applied to ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal data with respect to individuals or data subjects ("Customers"):

  1. Potential, past and present customers and buyers of MonaOkgroup.
  2. Visitors to the online store MonaOkgroup "
  3. Visitors to shops, offices and other premises of the MonaOkgroup, including those subject to video surveillance.

The Privacy Policy applies to the processing of data, regardless of the medium and form in which the Customer submits personal data (in paper or electronic form) and in which system or paper format they are processed.

Purposes of personal data processing (tasks)

MonaOkgroup ”processes personal data for the following purposes (tasks):

Sales of goods and business support:

  • Customer identification and service;
  • preparation of invoice and invoice;
  • delivery of goods (shipment);
  • return or exchange of goods;
  • Refund of the purchase;
  • fulfillment of guarantee obligations;
  • improvement of goods, development of new goods;
  • for commercial purposes, advertising and distribution of goods;
  • Review and review of customer complaints;
  • maintaining and increasing customer loyalty or awarding loyalty bonuses;
  • performing calculations and compiling reports;
  • maintenance and improvement of websites and mobile applications;
  • business analysis and planning;
  • production of statistics by improving the quality of websites and services;
  • Creating customized content through advertising.

Provision of information to a state or local government institution in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulations.

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The processing of the customer's personal data by the Mona Ok group has the following legal basis:

Customer's application or order - to fulfill the Customer's order (purchase), to deliver the goods to the Customer, to return the goods or money, to exchange the goods, to review the Customer's complaint, to fulfill the warranty obligations, etc .;

Customer consent;

legitimate interests - to fulfill the legitimate interests of MonaOkgroup "arising from external regulations or existing obligations between Mona Ok group" and the Customer.

The legitimate interests of MonaOkgroup are:

  1. Commercial activity;
  2. sale of goods;
  3. to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  4. Performing customer retention activities;
  5. Segmentation of customer database for more efficient sale of goods;
  6. product range development;
  7. Advertising your products by sending commercial messages.
  8. sending other reports on the progress of the order or obligations and on the essential conditions of performance;
  9. Conducting customer surveys on goods;
  10. ensuring and stimulating the efficiency of the sale and delivery of goods;

Processing of personal data

Mona Ok group processes personal data in accordance with the purposes (tasks) and legal basis of data processing.

The Customer's refusal to provide Mona Ok group personal data, which is necessary for the performance of certain activities, creates obstacles for the Customer to obtain information and Mona Ok group. " - performing certain activities, such as buying / selling goods in the MonaOkgroup online store ". ordering the delivery of goods, delivery of goods, return of goods, receipt / refund of purchase money, receipt / granting of loyalty bonuses, etc.

For high-quality and fast execution of the Customer's orders (purchases), MonaOkgroup may authorize third parties or its partners to perform certain actions for the delivery of goods, such as sending purchased goods, sending invoices, etc. If third parties or business partners process the Customer's personal data held by MonaOkgroup for the performance of these tasks, the relevant third parties or business partners are considered to be processors and MonaOkgroup has the right to transfer the personal data requested by the customer to them. to perform tasks to the extent necessary for the performance of specific necessary activities.

Transfer of personal data to third parties and third country entities

Mona Ok group does not disclose third parties and does not transfer the Customer's personal data or any other information about the Customer for processing outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, except for:

if personal data must be sent to the relevant third party within the framework of a contract in order to perform all functions necessary for the performance of the contract or delegated by law (for example, to a bank within a settlement or for a service such as delivery of goods by courier or parcel post); under the unequivocal and voluntary Klie